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My Successful "Relationship Transformation Program,"
Enables You To Transform Your Relationship Into What You Want
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Relationship Transformation Program

Did you know that one reason why couples counseling fails is because of a lack of commitment?
This was the case for my ex-wife and I. We were getting somewhere with our second counselor, but we didn't keep up the momentum...
Then, it's easy to fall back into old patterns and feelings. These negative ways of interacting cloud our original fondness and admiration we had at the beginning of the relationship. If we stay too long in this negativity, or have too many of those interactions, we begin to view our partner as more than just an annoyance, but as a threat.

This is not a good place to be in. Life is hard enough as it is. We should be coming to our life from a strong and healthy base. One of the most damaging things to our health is remaining in a relationship that is less than nurturing. 


Luckily, for motivated couples there's a solution. 

The Relationship Transformation Program is a combination of personalized online counseling and coaching with on-demand video course work supplemented with workbook and ongoing accountability sessions.     

In this comprehensive program you will:

  • Identify your goals for the relationship so we know where to go, and then eventually you will be able to help your partner help you those goals. 
  • ​Understand the negative patterns and cycles you two get into which keeps you stuck, so you can begin to work on not continuing them. 
  • Gain insight into where certain “losing strategies” come from, gaining motivation to not continue them into another generation – sparing your relationship and your family.
  • Learn how to work with the parts of yourself that don't want to be relational at times, so you can begin to practice "relational mindfulness," which means taking care of your side and helping your partner help you. 
  • Obtain relational tools and skills so you can be in control of having the relationship you want. 
  • Build a positive cycle between you two, which means making investments into your "relational bank account" benefiting you and your partner. 
  • Learn what really move your partner, "fills their cup" and makes them feel loved, which means your partner will learn that about you.  
  • Observe exercises from a real life couple (Jess and I in the on-demand course), to build and maintain connection so you can be in and appreciate the best parts of each other. 
  • Create relational momentum in-between sessions via the on-demand course, so you can have an active relationship to your relationship – which means relational health. 

Hi, I'm Jason A Polk

and I'm a relationship counselor/coach in Denver, CO with over 1000+ hours of helping couples get the relationship they want. 

Over the years, I started to identify what really makes couples have successful relationships and I put that knowledge into this program. I'm confident I can help you two if your motivated and I love what I do!  

I want to help you two avoid the relational mistakes that I've made, because I haven't been naturally "good" at relationships. 

In fact, for me, I've been divorced and that's the main reason I became trained as a couples counselor and coach.  I wanted to figure out how to do it!  

"We have seen other therapists before and none of them are as skilled as he is. His exercises he had us do, and his ability to get to the heart of issues is amazing. We didn’t get lost in the weeds. I wish we would have found him years ago!"

M. A.,
Denver, CO

"Jason has created a wonderful course for relationship health and maintenance. It’s a great tool to feel more connected to your partner and to create a stronger bond!"

Nick Johnson,
Denver, CO

Sample Lesson From The On-demand Course
Find Out What Keeps Us Stuck In Relationships 
Identify your top "losing strategies" so you can get more of what you truly want.

Here's What You'll Get

  • 6 personalized coaching sessions: with the first session being 2-hrs to really get momentum going.
  • 2-part course: With a total of 16 modules that are short and easily watchable. 
  • Workbook: that supplement to the course for the course exercises and journaling.
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